Regulary getting the needed service for your Toyota will optimize the life of your vehicle. At our Toyota workshop all operations are carried out only by trained technicians using special tools and equipment specific to your Toyota.

Regular servicing will ensure that this is done in a structured manner to reduce the possibility of unexpected high repair bills. 

TOYOTA SURINAME is committed to providing top quality service.

Why Choose Kersten Motors – the official Toyota distributor in Suriname?

  • Maintain the residual value of your vehicle
  • Only technicians trained by Toyota working on your vehicle
  • 3-month warranty after every repair
  • Factory backing from Toyota

Our service workshops can provide you with the following services

  • Regular Service
  • Quick Service
  • Alignment and wheel balancing
  • A/C diagnostic and repair
  • Engine revision
  • Vehicle scan
  • Diagnosis of electrical malfunctions
  • Re-inspections