Toyota Lite Ace Van


Dependable and powerful, the consistent performance of the Lite Ace makes this reliable vehicle the preferred partner in commercial transport worldwide. 

Designed to accommodate any load configuration, Toyota LiteAce’s square-shaped cargo space ensures that packages can be securely stacked and corners, fully-utilized – making cargo optimization a more intuitive process.


Smooth movement throughout the cabin makes driving the Toyota LiteAce accessible and comfortable. The roomy footwell space and instrument panel-mounted shift lever provides unobstructed access to the passenger’s seat. 

Preventing wheel lock-up resulting from abrupt braking and allowing for quick response during emergency situations


The Toyota LiteAce is unmatched in its ability to navigate and traverse dense roards with speed and power. Equipped with durable, responsive suspension for ride comfort and a fuel-efficient, semi-cab-over engine arrangement, LiteAce delivers on both economy and performance without compromise


Dual SRS Airbags

Supplemental Restraint Airbags (SRS) work in tandem with the 3-point, ELR-equipped seatbelts to protect drivers and passengers from head and chest damage resulting from frontal impact