Corolla Cross


Spend precious time with the family in a private and safe space while also showing your status and lifestyle with the powerfull yet sophisticated Corolla Cross. All features were put in place to anticipate what will be convenient for you. With this beauty you get style as well as functionality. The Corolla Cross persues to fulfill all your wishes with it's powerfull,sleek and sophisticated appearance. The high body structure which results in a higher eye point ensures better ride comfort and handling stability. The spacious luggage room not only makes it easy to store items but also has a convenient loading hight which provides users comfort. Overall this vehicle represents the start of your new remarkable journey.


Every experience with the All-New Corolla Cross is as easy as can be. The responsive steering follows the drivers intentions precisely, providing comfort for both driver and passengers. Some features of the Corolla Cross include fabric seating with a strong three-dimensional embossing and wavy lines of simple dots which express urban comfort. The 6 speed CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) with sequential shift provides increased drivability, quietness and fuel economy. Confidently take on rough urban roads with a large approach angle that easily handles high speed bumps. The VSC uses the vehicles brakes to help steer the vehicle during times of slipping or possible spinout. With the hill start assist system prevents the vehicle from rolling up or down the hill when pulling away, this extra control reduces the risk of the vehicle colliding with others at the front or rear of the vehicle.


The 1.8L inline-four cylinder gasoline engine delivers high output and world-class combustion efficiency owing to the introduction of components such as VVT-i. An aluminium die-cast cylinder block is designed for reducing weight and friction, thus enhancing fuel efficiency. Weight and size reduction has been thoroughly implemented to achieve a lightweight engine with low CoG (Center of Gravity) with the aim of ensuring excellent dynamic performance and "Fun to Drive" characteristics. The newly-shaped fuel tank contributes to enlarging the luggage compartment and achieving excellent handling stability. The front/rear drive torque distribution is controlled according to the driving situations, thus contributing to start-off acceleration, handling stability, and fuel efficiency.


It's all about control: The Corolla Cross comes with 5 SRS airbags, which makes you ride with confidence & pride protected by ABS and VSC(Vehicle Stabilty Control) for your security. Of course the Corolla Cross comes with the Toyota Safety Sense is, which advances the current technology and adds new functions for the purpose of reducing accidents. A smart Access System with push-button Start is used to achieve superior usability. By just having the electric key in your possession, you are able to lock and unlock the doors and also start and stop the engine.